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Confused about love
Totally adores Mina
Serious mental problems
Everybody fancies her
Wants to marry Lucy
Loves the ladies
Serious substance abuser

Found footage, video dairies, selfies, CCTV, emails, TV & radio news reports, Twitter feeds, Facebook and other media have been painstakingly gathered and collated by an unseen hand. Edited together it reveals the true story of the incredible events that befell a group of friends living ordinary lives in an ordinary town...

Junior estate agent Jonathan Harker - Mina's boyfriend - undertakes to schmooze a new client in Romania looking to expand his property empire into the UK.

It is a decision that takes him and his friends into a terrifying battle to the death with vile, supernatural forces.

A cold, manipulative and selfish creature who imprisons Jonathan while he plans his move to new hunting grounds - England.

The client is DRACULA





                                    Master of the Undead.

Mina is pissed off and worried, as Jonathan has stopped communicating with her.


She posts Jonathan a reminder of what he's missing...


A Russian ship - The Demeter - crashes onto the local beach...

A huge dog is spotted leaping off the boat... and bizarre events occur:


a dog is mauled to death


a local man is murdered


and Mina’s friend Lucy is attacked by a stranger.



Jonathan returns. But happiness is short lived. He's lost his lust for life. He's unwell and disturbed. He talks of kidnap and satanic creatures.


He's prescribed heavy anti-depressants to deal with his dark & deluded fantasies.

Lucy's health has deteriorated since being attacked in the graveyard while sleepwalking.

Jonathan and Lucy return home to find Lucy on the verge of death. As they wait for the ambulance to arrive the friends witness her writh in agony. Lucy calls out for Arthur and then attacks him, taking a vicious bite of his neck, dying soon after in horrible pain.

To his horror Jonathan recognises that Lucy's death is the work of Dracula.


But who will believe him?


Jonathan convinces Mina and Seward to check out Lucy's dead body in the morgue. Only to discover her body is missing with no-one able to tell them where it is. Now Jonathan shows the gang footage he took when imprisoned in Transylvania, eventually convincing them Lucy has become one of the undead.


But... No reply.


She doesn't know what to think. Has he dumped her for someone else? Is he in trouble? The Police and the British Embassy aren't interested - Jonathan is grown up. He can do what he wants.

When Jonathan reads reports of missing prostitutes and homeless people in Bristol, he's convinced it is the undead Lucy hunting. So they take to the streets to track down Lucy.


And to the others' shock and disbelief they discover her...


Now they face the horrifying task of destroying their beautiful friend, who has joined Dracula in feeding on the living.


They pursue her to her lair


and Jonathan hammers a stake through her heart



Arthur decapitates her.

In revenge Dracula strikes at Mina – leaving her to inexorably become one of the undead.

To save Mina the hunted must become the hunters.


But Dracula has an informant - Mina’s cousin Renfield - who has become his servant. Yet Renfield is increasingly deranged. He thinks he's smarter than Dracula and believes he can outsmart him.


And as the gang closes in on Dracula, destroying his hidden lairs around Bristol, Dracula viciously murders Renfield to stop them finding him.

Mina’s growing mental connection with Dracula finally leads them to his hiding place, where they are attacked by the weird sisters, who they destroy. But daylight - and time - is running out.


As the sun sets, Dracula rises. The friends are impotent against his power but Mina, choosing between Jonathan and Dracula, dispatches Dracula with a thundering blow from a crucifix.

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